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Originally Posted by Rona
I'm really trying to follow your reasoning, but find it a bit hard CzW is a young, but well-established breed. CzWs do not look like GSDs but more wofish and they also share specific features of character, temperament, etc. Poeple who have GSDs and CzWs at home are amazed at the differences between these two breeds. By cross-breeding them one will definitely be producing a mixed- breed dogs (mongrels) with characteristics difficult to predict.
Hi Rona,

First, thank you for your patience and valuable responses. Rest assured I'm not here to start a word war nor spoil a established breed. Like what you said, I need consultations not that I will embark on an immediate breeding program but simply to ponder on the possibility.

Technically you're right. A breed bred to another will produce a mixed-breed (mongrel), the status I believe the CzW had until its recognition. My point was not creation nor recognition but reinforcement using blood that's common to these two breeds in the hope of improving workability and intelligence. That's it, that's all. I am aware of the tracking ability of wolfdogs which could be put to good use in this calamity-ridden part of the world.

I don't dismiss the fact that the breeding will produce undesirables. That's always given though many documentations seem to point to the contrary. I simply think there will be better chances of satisfying the objectives with the percentage of wolfblood brought down to acceptable levels making the progenies more tractable thus, more GSD.

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