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Default My photo gallery has crashed

As some of you probably know the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is banned in Norway. A group of people, including the Norwegian Kennel Club and even some Members of our Parliament are now working for lifting the ban.

Unfortunately a Norwegian dog magazine recently published an issue of Wolf hybrids and included the CSV and SW as upcoming fashion dogs with no usability execept for criminals and macho type owners.

On my former website I had some gallerys of CSVs taking part in different activities, Stefanos mushing pictures, Mijkes avalanche and water rescue traing, Polish skijoring, IPO training etc, but due to a computer crash the pictures are all gone (we don't do backup, do we? )

So therefore I'm asking all of you in the CSV community: If any of you have som pics from training, sports, work etc you will share with me in order to make a new gallery showing the versatility of the CSV on my new site don't hesitate but please send a link by PM.
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