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Paula, it is not because the parents did not have bonitation only. It is because it was a very bad breaking of a lot of rules, it was because it was hushed up till the last minute by the breeder, it is because it was brother and sister, where the brother was a pup still and so we couldn't even know what defects he will have (and he grew up to have many), and if we would give papers to such puppies than I really don't know why not give papers to everything that has four legs and says Woof.

I don't know why a lot of people here make some kind of half-god from Hron RD. First thing - if you really want to breed with him, there is a way. Second thing - he has a sister who passed a bonitation and other things and can have legal puppies, and she is the same blood. The Y chromosome doesn't carry anything that important...

Inbreeding is not a horrible word, after all, all the CSWs are inbred in their ancestry, but is is horrible to say it doesn't matter that this puppy is an inbred accident but he should get papers because he is a SON OF HRON RD.
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