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Paula (Nebulosa), I care for genetics and I have to agree with you. From a genetic point of view Wilk/Hamlet is most certainly very special; through advancing insight and despite the fact that several rules were broken. He's inbred from a very uncommon line, with a extremely auspicious position in the Mean Kinship ranking (he's in the top O,8% living CSV regarding MK). That makes him theoretically very useful to maintain the (ever narrowing) gene pool.

Descendants of many hypothetical breeding combinations with him, will know a low COI, very below average (measured on all generations). Almost impossible to achieve nowadays with other Csv's. All this, of course, except for possible genetic defects present, which certainly should be considered.

The comparison with Rep is not correct: Rep caused a massive inbreeding in all lines in a very early stage of the development of the breed, with a sharp reduction of the gene pool as a result. Wilk/Hamlet however, might just be itself highly inbred, but at the same time can give a very positive contribution to the fragile gene pool as it evolved nowadays almost 30 years after Rep; that makes it significant different. The possible use of him could almost be regarded as a kind of outcrossing, which is very special to mention in the closed population.

I think he's breath taking from the pictures. Most importantly however, is that I hope he currently has a good home, wherever he may be. All together, I have my doubts about that .... Especially since the last owner wraps in silence, while she too is the subject of speculations.


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