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I'm afraid I don't know answers to your questions. At present he lives as a family dog, with two white Swiss sheperd females and a male WSS puppy and he doesn't seem to want to escape - he sleeps in a shack outside, but enters the house on demand. I suppose if he's taken his temperament after his double grandpa (Iran ZO), he must have a really nice personality. (BTW From what I've heard Iran is 15 now, he's still is interested in females and his human fan club has significantly increased over the last few years. )

Until Hamlet was castrated lots of people from several countries wanted to adopt him, but the number has dropped close to zero after the castration. Partly, becuase breeders with bigger vclak packs were afraid their dogs might not accept a castrated one, partly, because some hoped they might have registered him as stud and have "unique litters" .

I passed the link to the person who is in charge of Hamlet and if she is interested in your kind offer I suppose she'll contact you.

After all he had gone through I belive Hamlet/Wilk appreciates a good friendly home and ...deserves it, like any dog does.

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