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Originally Posted by jmvdwiel View Post
Maybe my wolfdog copied his barking from my german shepherd X that i owned , he died of old age. But now when we are going to the woods my boy is barking like madness, as my female dogs ( x german sheperhd en x shepherd) are silent.
I want to know where the off button is, because I cannot have a normal conversation when he is barking in the car.
I think I can teach him to bark on command but I don't want him to bark so I am not going to do that.

In het house he doesn't bark, only in the car when he thinks he is going to the woods. Oh and sometimes I have a private concert of howling they do it all 3 together and that sounds pretty nice also only when they think we go to the woods.

Very easy to do someting about

1, Stop going to the woods


2, Teach him to bark on command + Stop bark bark on command

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