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"The genetic techniques used in the recent study allowed researchers to estimate that hybridization, in most cases, happened when humans were hunting eastern wolves to extinction, Kays said. “The few remaining animals could find no proper mates so took the best option they could get,” Kays said."

Because hybridization is happening in nature it does not turns it "natural" or "right", the animals are doing it probably because they have no choice, also because these hybrids fits well in the new enviroment, its an adaptation due human changes in the nature, if there were no human impact in their enviroment forcing them to interbreed, it probably wouldnt happen.

That's why the mean topic of all this is about the orign of these canids.

I dont think you're able to enter in this topic and talk about "new dog breeds and if it should be accepted or not" when you clearly show here that you have no idea about it.
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