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I agree with Christian on this subject. I have been arguing about this same issue many times in differect occations.
Who is to say that the dog breeds we have today have the right to be here (and the creators of those breeds had the right to create them), but no new ones will ever have the same right again? And why some people think like that?!
-Because there are allready too much terrible breeds that suffer from horrible illnesses and/or too narrow gene pool etc?
Well, I do not think that is a valid argument. I would rather see a hundred new, HEALTHY build and stable minded (suitable for the purpose they were created) breeds instead of some of these older ones that exist today and can barely breeth or move, not to mention breed normally.

What I think is terrible is that there are breeders who produce puppies like factories, and sell them to anyone who are willing to pay the price. And breeders who do not care for selective breeding for health and temperament, but instead they breed just about anything that sells. -Usually it is something that looks beautiful or cute or funny..
And the poor animals suffer.

In my opinion the biggest problem in dog breeding is that it has started to resemble racism.
We should go back to the old times when we had different types of dogs for different purposes instead of closed breed populations. Or atleast we should start once again to put more value on the purpose of every breed, and breed more for function instead of only beauty.

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