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I would like to say that in the case of your dog the BB test makes sense, because he is too young to be 2nd generation cross from this kennel. And this test has prooven that he is not 1st generation cross.

Unfortunately these tests currently have no more use to us, because in the Crying Wolf kennel there are pups which are likely 3rd and 4th generation of the Saarloos mixes.

Originally Posted by jmvdwiel View Post
By using that argument you cannot trust any bigger breeder or stud dog owner with more than one csw, who has a chipreader in his/her pocket when a female is mated by a male?
Of course not. But I also did not say that the list will not be expanded.

The characteristics of this breed makes possible scam, and particularly mixing with other breed, easily detectable. From what I know in the Czech Republic was detected even the case that the breeder used a different wolfdog than declared on the pedigree. If it was not a problem to detect using another dog of the same breed, you do not need to fear that more scams with mixing with other breeds go unnoticed. And the database is proof of this.
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