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Sorry for reviving old post but i had too. I dont think CsW should be forced to copy typical dog breeds in herding. CsW should do herding same as German Shepherd do it. When German Shepherds were herding dogs and not military / police dogs, in Germany they had big flocks, 500+ sheeps and no borders between private properties on big open fields. So many sheeps can do big damage if enter field which is not property of their master so German Shepherds herding consists of acting as living fance, dogs hold straight line and didnt let sheep break through, they even bite stuborn sheeps. Their role is also on corners and bridges and other narrow space where sheeps need to go through. There is even HGH title where mostly German Shepherd are on trials for it. Problem is its hard to distuingish if GSD interest in sheep comes from prey drive or herding drive, i guess that problem with CsW would be even bigger if its possible to do... Look some videos how GSD do it and tell me if CsW herding should be similiar to GSD type of herding or border collie type of herding...

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