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Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
So.. this is just your simple assumption, then?

From my point of view, it doesn't make sense.

Plus, that's also accusing CZ kennels of inaccurate pedigrees..

Why doesn't it make sense? Well as far as I know, the CsV project was not to create a new breed, it was an attempt to make a better German Shepherd Dog. If they could have succeeded in incorporating the progeny of the outcrosses into their GSDs, the experiment would have been considered successful. It wasn't.
So they crossed Carpathian wolves with GSDs to make a "better gsd"?

Sounds like your statement supports my claim.

Originally Posted by Vaiva View Post
Everything is seen so well from USA, isn't it?
Well, there is one thing that is not money - it is decency A non "cash strapped country" like UK still breeds liver or blue colored GSD, while in these "poor" countries people have clubs that forbid breeding GSD with no IPO training No matter about the money.

Back to topic - GSD are not wolfish dogs, they have no character similarities to CsV, so even if there is a wolf, it does not make real influence to the breed. What is this discussion about really?
Well, as far as I know Czechoslovakia wasn't a rich country at that time, they were under Soviet occupation so most of the money went to the Soviets. So they had ot make the most of what they had. Offspring from the project who didn't make it in the vlcak project could have stayed in the GSD project, sold to other people, and bred.

I look at it the same way why we look at the Belgian shepherd and why they're so versatile. Belgium was never a rich country so unlike more well off countries (like the UK (well, techncially England) for many years who could afford one dog for guard work, one for hunting, one for herding, one for companion, the Belgian shepherd became a dog that was good in many aspects.

Originally Posted by Hanka View Post
Hi Draggar, I read your text a few times and I donĀ“t understand. Dou you mean in this family of GSD is czech. wolfdog? Why?
It is highly suspected in some DDR nd Czech line German shepherds that there is wolf in there.

Originally Posted by Rona View Post
Let's agree there are lots of beautiful cities all round Europe + in the UK, naturally
So true. My wife and I are trying to plan a trip to Europe sometime in the next few years. Belgium to meet up with Kiri's breeder, then the Sieger tour with Fred Lanting, then over to Czech Republic and Slovakia to meet up with vlcak people. I've always wanted to see Prague. It looks like one of the very few cities in the world that has truly kept it's history and culture (but I hear it's the new Amsterdam, though?).
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