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Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
If only there WERE grassy areas!... Then LA would be half as ugly..... Unfortunately, that's not possible here in Los Angeles. I'll have trouble finding biking routes on pavement much less grass or dirt... i don't think it's legal here to bike on the sidewalk. Bikes are considered vehicles that share the road with cars..(on a specially marked shoulder). Grass is in such short supply here that whenever our Csv sees any he feels an obligation to roll around in it..

Of course, he's been introduced to the bike and biking attachment and so, but I suppose I'll wait for any actual distance until later, since we just have concrete.

PS.. The first part applies to lawns as well...

Hm, difficult place to live... You should start running yourself...
Also my dog used to get tired after training - seems like mental work makes them more tired than running or so. Maybe also some toys would be helpful? Not like kongo where a dog has to work by himself, but smart ones, like here:
These are also recomended when a dog is injured or can not move a lot at the moment.
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