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Originally Posted by z Peronówki View Post
After the discusion on the German FB forum there are more interesting things:

How it is possible that Edith Molnar has two kennels names registered by FCI: "Crying Wolf" in Hungary and "Crying Wolf 1996" in Serbia. FCI regulations do not allow it...

You can find there words written by a person (ex(?) Edith's friend) who confirmed that Edith mixes Saarloos and CzW. Edith told her about it during the dog show in Komarom (HU) - October 2014. Edith's idea was to add "new blood"... :/

It confims what we new already knew for a long time: that Edith mixes and breeds Saarloos/CzW mixes and sells them with FCI pedigrees as Czechoslovakian Wolfdog... It means many of her dogs which are born after 2004 are NOT pure Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and they must be treated as mutts (as far as there are no official parentage tests saying something else)

I can not understand how the FCI enables people who mix dogs and falsifying pedigree, affix and maintain their pedigree
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