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Default Re: working dog ? I hope.

Originally Posted by Margot
Aport and barking. You have to be very inventive in both cases...
Barking for our seems to be not a problem....but aport is a weird thing! At our home he brings back EVERYTHING we launch at him....but at the training field he seems another dog , watching our launches with interrogative expression

Originally Posted by Margot
If you work on higher level (competitions and championships) there is also a problem with motivation of a CSW - they never work for nothing...
wurstel,meat,chicken...sometimes play. The key seems to vary the motivations. constriction don't function at all with our CSW. We are training him for IPO 1.

Originally Posted by Margot
No. Group 5 has nothing to do with CSW
we think so too.

Originally Posted by Margot
It sounds funny but the are good sherherd dogs...
but there are some csw working as sheperd dog ? In too many CSW we look a prey instinct very very strong...
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