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Tassle i understand now thanks, but how do you remove the thing from the dog what he wants to keep and he shouldn't? And let him know not to behave that way? For now there was no bigger problems with taking things excapt one bone my father gave him outside.. I try to take toys and things he can play with to see if he is ok and then immediately give him back and pet him

I can't say if it was true agression, but it looked like so becouse his attention was at something else and he didn't want to be disturbed or something ? :-) But anyway i think he got a lection, and i can't just go playing with him at that state because then he will continue this behavior..But very soon after calming him down in one or another way we go on normally.. Another point was that i was ready to go for walk with him and if i would for example leave him alone there on backyard he would probably stay there(We have 2 more dogs-but sadly the oldest is 14 it's GSD and he hardly walks, hears almost nothing, sees bad..we are hardly preparing to finish suffering:/ Another is 6month Akita and czw likes to crowl under the door outside to him :-P).. And it was enough to get my hand near him to trigger his reactions.
I just need to exhaust him on longer walks or dog plays then he is really great behaving :-P

It's also good that he has special priorities at dogschool for begginers, last time we stayed for 2 rounds of dogs to play and run around and no training..He is too young for that and planty of time, but i train him myself without "rough" methods they use there as pulling him like a toy to teach to walk "heel" for example, hope it's right word..And he is getting it pretty good, also often after some walking offleash he starts to walk very near and at the point he walks as i want i tell him he is good and repeat command some time, and sometimes i give him praise. I see big progres from beggining he was jumping between legs and mistakenly got few kicks that way.

Now i have to go to sleep, 5hours left..
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