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Well, Kennel Club regulations are not the same thing as the law.

The KC may have a preference or advice regarding age of placement but again, that's not the same as law.

Here in the USA, many cities and counties (sometimes state-level) have regulations and statutes that make selling puppies under 8 weeks old an offense. For example, here in Los Angeles, ordinance number 181,353 says in part:

"E. Agree not to transfer a dog or cat until it has reached the age of eight weeks, has been weaned, micro-chipped, immunized against common diseases, and in the case of a dog four months of age or older, has received its rabies vaccination. Proof of the rabies and other vaccinations shall be provided to the new owner; "

Course, monitoring is lax and largely not actively enforced, mostly it's based on people calling in and reporting someone.. I have reported backyard breeders who are selling dogs under 8 weeks old. Usually they get a visit from Animal Control and a warning, though the ordinances here do give outlines for violations:

"A violation of the transfer permit provisions of this Section may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or an infraction or punishable by means of an administrative citation. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the transfer permit and applicable law shall also be grounds for the revocation or suspension of the transfer permit."

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