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In portugal is the same then in germany,there is a litter confirmation by the portuguese kennel club at aprox 8th week to confirm the number and quality of the puppis of the litter,and if there are any missing,they only issue the number of pedegrees according to the number of puppies they see.some breders sell puppies sooner,because not every litter is verified and they sometimes risk to sell them sooner...
personaly I didn´t sold any puppy before the 10th week at least...
but I have another question,is there a maximum age to sell them?what are the problems if you sell one puppy later,with 4,6,8,9 months,what can be the problems?is there an ideal maximum age to sell puppies?
this is my case,because I had a puppy to sell to brasil first and because of the vaccines and other burocracies,the buyer was getting it only with 3/4 months.after several e-mails exchanged,when everything was almost arranged,he changed his mind and didn't wanted the puppy no more,because he said that it was too heavy and so too expensive to travel!!!better this way,because for me it meant that he really didn't wanted a I kept her until I thought that I had found a good owner to her,but he had no space for the puppy to be to play as it needs,and as he told me he had, and so after some days I got her back,because money for me isn´t everything!now the puppy is 9 months old,62/3cm at least and 34kg,a little more.I have 2 sisters,but I only can keep one because of the portuguese law!I want to keep both,but...I almost every day take them out to play in the beach and walk among people,cars,other dogs,etc,but they are very attached to me.If and when I find the right owner for her,what must the new owner pay attention to when he takes it home?what must I warn him about?and must the new owner have another dog to play with it because the puppy is used to play with the parents and sister or can it be a single dog?is the space and love of the new owner enough?

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