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Originally Posted by NobrezaBranca
this is my case,because I had a puppy to sell to brasil first and because of the vaccines and other burocracies,the buyer was getting it only with 3/4 months.after several e-mails exchanged,when everything was almost arranged,he changed his mind and didn't wanted the puppy no more,because he said that it was too heavy and so too expensive to travel!!!
The same woman who almost bought a dog from you has sent several e-mails to me asking for pups before it, she entered in contact with you because she was refused as a possible owner by me due her lack of experience with dogs at all!

After she found too heavy the price of your pup plus the transport fee, she phoned me asking for a pup and trying to convince me about how would be important for her to have -specifically- a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, with quite emotional histories.
I told her that she had no experience enough to own a dog like CzW and that would be better for her to save a life adopting an small/mediun size mongrel, and that in this way she would also gain a lot of experience with dogs.

2 months later she bought a Wippeth, she had so many problems in educate such horribly hard dog, which was crying over the house and destructing her new sofa, that she gave him back to the breeder 3 times!

You accepted to sell the dog to her and you would have done it if she had payed for it, I wonder if you would have traveled as far as Brazil for rescue him or if you would let him die 3 days after being rescued by our shelters.. maybe he could have been sold to some kind of puppy miller here.

Oh yes, as experience she had miniature Pintcher which died drowned in the swimming pool of her mother's house, and she let very clear that her new big size pet would live in her mother's garden, because she lives in an small flat!
At her very first e-mail she let clear that she expected from CzW to be as good as the police's Malinois!

That was exactly why I did this topic

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