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are you sure that it is the same woman???!!!it was a woman that lived only with her son and mother and she told me that she had a big house with a big garden and that she needed a dog to guard the house,that was very activ because she had a big space!!!and because there were only women living there.not a pet to liv inside the house!
pehaps as she spoke with you first she then corrected and changed her story to me,so that I would trust her enough to sell her the puppy...she spoke over the phone to me several times and she always told me the "story" of the big open space she had and the fact that they needed a guard dog to them,only women...and beside this,that she read a lot about twd and that she liked them a lot and that beside the beauty they would be vey loved and do a lot o exercise!!!of course I didnĀ“t sent it to her as small as she wanted because of the reasons here explained(legal and tempeament,socialization,vaccines,papers,etc),and I didn't made it cheaper because wolfdogs have an average price and is our duty as breeders to maintain that price,and also I know that the breeder in brazil is selling them much,much more expensive...and if she wants a wolfdog,she must also have the money to provide all the needs to give it a good live(you don't buy a ferrari if you don't have enough money later to pay for the essence,insurance,maintenance,etc)!
so,she told me a completely diferent story,otherwise I would never even consider to sell it to her!!!no way!!!she tried to be very clever with me...good that she hadn't enough money...
it seems that beside having a list of dogs with false pedegrees,it seems that we also need a "black list" of people that shoudn't get a twd,regardless of what they are prepaired to pay!!!
and about me selling puppies to dog mills,if I would do so,I could have long have sold the problem is not having a buyer,but having a buyer that I trust,that I'm sure,or relatively sure that he would treat her as it deserves,as it is treated by me.
I sometimes eat cheap food,go to work by public transportation,don't go out,etc,but for my dogs I have always money to give them the best food,vet care,vaccinees,treatments against fleeas and other such insects(i don't know how to say it in english...),worms,meat beside the dog food,etc
If I hadn't any dog,with that money I could go away,at least, 2 times a year to a paradisiacal place,all included,and instead I don't travel since I got them!
it's a choice that I don't regret,they deserve it and much more...
and about the problems of selling an older dog,none has answered me to this question!

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