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Originally Posted by hanninadina View Post
Sorry, I meant the EU is doing nothing. I know that a lot of people did their best to help against hunting the wolves! But we read about 1 year about wolf hunting in sweden and EU is doing nothing, because in EU is all about economics and nothing about nature. In nature is only talking, in economics they speak punishments over hundreds of million of Euros when a company does something wrong.
Yes, but EU did ban the Swedish hunt before it did start this year, but Swedish government did not care about what EU did say

I and many more are now reporting the Swedish Government again, for braiking the EU Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC, and this time we demand to test are case in trial...

We will see what will hapen

Hopefully we can stop the wolfhunt 2012, but I´m not sure

Best regards / Mikael

Wolf Army Sweden >>>

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