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Originally Posted by Mirkawolf1
Now I really feel I have to say something. I think that Hanka knows her dog well, and probably she has experiences with wolfdogs enough, to be able to tell if her Koko is working dog or not.
If she can proove it by passing exams, is different thing. But we all know, what kind of dogs we have at home and if we are honest to ourselves and to the others, we can say if we have dogs keen in working, or not.
Mirka but I still think we need MUCH more to say about one dog "I have working dog". It is not against Hanka but when we will say that "the words of the owner are enough because the owner KNOWS his/her own dog" then we will get 99% of working CzWs because EVERY owner will say the same...
I saw "working dogs" with exams and without them, I can show you dogs which are EXTREMLY shy but the owner will fight to the end saing he has "working dog" with great stable character and some exams passed.

So do you think the "words" are really enough?

The second thing - how can we judge HOW the dog will make IPO3 if we will NEVER see the dog working on such lever? We can not play faires... If the dog has stable character and like to cooperate - for me it is NOT enough for being "working dog".... because it is enough only to say it is "typical CzW"....

Originally Posted by Mirkawolf1
And on the contrary, I know dogs that have passed exams, maybe many, but never showed any drive for working and if they did not have consistent, patient owners, they´d never pass anything. Should I call those dogs working dogs?
No... And it is my point of view... I know many dogs which passed many exams ONLY thanks to the HARD WORK OF THEIR OWNERS. And you can see some of them are called here not only "working dogs" but also founders of working lines...

Originally Posted by Mirkawolf1
This might be again considered off-topic, but as Daiva says, she´d not get future working puppy from dogs, which don´t have exams, yet the owner claims them to have drive for working...well. I would NOT get any CSW puppy for any purpose from parents where one dog is not bonitated, even if I was told hundred times how great the parents were and no matter on how many titles they had.
Is it not the same? Look on some judges which make some bonitations.... So for me NOTHING counts really... I saw VERY untypical CzWs (GSD like) which get (also in CZ) the perfect bonitation code. Can we tell a CzW is typical ONLY because it passed the bonitation? I saw also shy dogs which passed the exams. Can we call them "working"?
So good bonitation will not make a dog typical and passed exam will not make a dog a working dog...

In this case I will NEVER buy a puppy from some P1 bonitated dogs because they are not really CzW-looking (not typical Wolfdogs). And I will also not buy a puppy from some so called working lines because they are really not working...

It is so and it was always so - the main thing is to know the reality... To SEE the dogs with the own eyes, to see them working, to see their life and the influence on the character.. Only on this case we can "evaluate" a line or a dog... And bonitation, show results, working exams can be easily manipulated...

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