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Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
Curious, do some European country's KC record the tattoo, and is there a central registry for tattoo numbers? And who assigns the numbers?
Yes, Slovakia still uses tattoos for IDing dogs, but this is the last year and we are switching to the chips as well. Some people argued that tattoos are better, some that chips (I see the positives and negatives on both sides).
Basicaly, in wolfdogs the tattoo number is the same as the dog's registration number, so it can be found from the stud book (if that is the proper name).

I think tattooing your dog is more like a matter of looking for and identifying lost dogs, not identifying the found ones. Like you can post a message "did someone see out Fifi, JRT-like mix with 1547 tattooed in her right ear?" It is easier to identify the dog then. And you do not need chip reader.
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