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Hello my name is Frieda and in this forum I want to explain a bit about
the meeting in Schoten (Belgium). The first meeting was an idea of
Patrick and he also did send the mails and the invitations. But this
meeting was only possible with the permission of the board of the club
and all the work of Jef, me and some other volunteers. And it was only
the first, very simple, meeting with the wolfdogworld.

About a meeting in 2005: the board of the club shall first have to give
permission, also we need permission of the mayor of the town before we
can organise a meeting and then we have to deal with all kind of
regulations. So there is a lot more to be done then only inviting
In our club it is not possible to do more then some simple activity’s,
so don’t expect a hughe meeting with extraordinary things at our club!
After the last meeting I did ask Mijke for some help with organising a
next meeting. And she did promise me to give suggestions about activiy’s
and practical hints for organising a second meeting. In the mean time
she did tell me that her friend Mirka has also a lot of ideas and
suggestions about a next meeting.
But on this moment there is not even a date for this meeting! (the board
of the club has first to decide). In our club we only can do obedience,
agility and defence work. (maybe Patrick knows an other location where
he can do a lot more.) With help and hints of Mijke and Mirka, Jef and I
will work out all the practical things of a meeting.

In our club nobody has to prove himself, we like it when people wants to
cooperate with us and we want to organise a pleasant meeting without
troubles and any fights. I wish to welcome everybody with a fiendly
smile and to have a nice day together!

At last a word about my “shy” wolfdog: I have found what I was looking
for, and I like his behaviour. My Chiron is listening very well, is
warning strangers when he does not want their attention, and he is
social. I love my dog very much, and he is fond of me. And that’s enough
for me!
I don’t like all the arrogant bickerings on this forum. It is not
necessary to have fights all the time, we better can come together. I
hope everybody can calm down a bit.
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Hello Frieda,

thank you for explaining how it really works in the club of Schoten. Makes a lot of sense. Also in Czech republic, not a single meeting would be possible to organise by one single person, it is always a team work.

Mijke and me are certainly ready to co-operate with you and the club on the prepared meeting. You know the place and what is possible to do, we can only help out and give hints and suggestions. The training place in Schoten is perfect for the basic training and with wolfdogs who never been trained before, you can´t do any crazy things.

A bit of basic obedience and maybe some agility for fun of both wolfdogs and their masters would be just enough. And lots of patience and explanations, of course.

I will speak more with Mijke and then we will contact you away from the forum to discuss about it all.

I agree completely there is no need for anger and bitterness at this forum, and i never inteded to bring here any. It doesn´t help anything.


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I've never had the attention to attact someone personally. I only was a little bit angry in the way of criticism.
In my last reply I used the word "I" (organised...) because it looked that I was the bad man with a shy dog, knowing nothing of a dog.

I came indead with the idea for organising a meeting. I know it's impossible to do it alone, so I asked it in my club. And I 've got a lot of help:
the barman and woman, Frieda and the biggest worker Jef. It's really incredible what he is doing for the club at his age and his healthy problems. I would say: thank you very much!

And also say thank you to Mirka for taking the pictures. Did you saw the article in the "Woef" magasin? You are on the picture.

Mijke,Mirka,Pavel,....we all have a common idea. Making a csw less shy and perhaps going slowly to a working dog. I've start training Branca and Heron more than before. I have only one dream: getting a good bonitation in the origine countries.

I would ask to everyone reading this article to come visite the next meeting in Schoten (Belgium)

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