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Mijke, if I remember right you were the owner of Karlik. I saw that he now is at Lucy (Eden ServU). What happend? I know Gershom and had contact with him and I think he took a puppy from you. He was always telling me that your dogs were quite alright. So please give me an answer?

Suski, about 6 weeks ago in germany there were a film showing about a animal trainer especially wolves and horses... But they showed your dogs CSW and Saarloos. I was laughing because they really wanted to tell us viewer that your dogs were wolves. And they showed your dogs, I think Mephisto was even so there. The channel is normaly a quite well culture channel. I know lots of people who very disappointed because the channel "arte" made fun of us the viewer. We wrote with a few people to get an answer why they made fun of us. But we never got an answer. So please, what can you tell us about?

Your text above is good if everybody would handle after this there were not so much problems. Here in german forum there are a few people who don´t understand that csw is kind of a bit different than "normal" dog. They try to compare with Australian Shepard, Border Collie. I only can live at. But it is heavy stuff to explain to them. It is heavy stuff because one breeder in germany tries to tell that csw is like normal family dog golden retriver and so on.

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About wild eyes i dont give any comment. I know that is translate German very
different than it was at Finnish. If wanted to ask about that film, must contact the animal trainer.
This is all about this, I am sorry. Only what I can say about that is that I heard that in German language
is very different than in Finnish.
(not straight translate as it should be)

I believe in the Wolf, her spirit and her strength.
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