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Default Breeding mixes - the other side of the spectrum.

It's clear that the vlcak community doesn't appreciate fake pedigrees, mixes, etc.. trying to make their way into the breed registries but oddly it's the opposite (to some point) int he GSD world.

There is some wolf in many GSD lines (you can be pretty certain that if a GSD is working DDR or working Czech line, there's wolf in there). The kennels that were part of the ini9tial vlcak program were GSD kennels and it is highly suspected that some of the dogs that didn't stay in the vlcak program were put back into the GSD kennels and even later, some wolf was added into the lines.

But - you don't see the outcry over this, in fact, the opposite to some degree. Some people actually want that for non-military work (schutzhund, ring, etc.). Some seek out these kennels or their lines just for that.
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