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Default Lupo Cecoslovacco o Lupo Canadese? Audrey Lupo Mutara

In seguito ad una mia mail in cui chiedevo informazioni su Audrey Lupo Mutara, ho ricevuto come risposta la seguente mail da Margo Peron.
L'argomento è nato in un'altra mailing list ma non credo sia ESCLUSIVO per chicchessia.
Forse persone che non seguono altre liste potrebbero dire la loro su questa.
Allego email:


I see many people ask about Audrey Lupo Mutara. Here is small explanation -
you can post it on the mailinglist if you want:

There are three mixes resietered by the Breeding Commitee in Czech Republic.
Is is the reason that there is a big fight in Czech club now. Why?

- is is incorrect crossing which has nothing to do with Czechoslovakian
Wolfdogs (is more similar to Saarloos Wolfhound). The mother of the mixes in
Lupina - Canadian Wolf which is almost white in the winter! The father is
also a mix of unknown origin. Some peole say it is a GSD mix but no-one
knows it....

- the registration of the mixes has been done without the agreeement of the
czech club members. This information was hidden until the dogs were 1 years
and their owners showed them on the bonitation. It caused big opposition of
the Czech breeders and owners...

- the Czech Breeding Commitee registered this dogs witout informing the
Slovakian Club which is the garant of this breed by FCI and only Slovakian
Club can decide about such steps. Now the Slovak people are REALLY angry.
The already send a prostest to the Czech Club. We are waiting what will

- the mixes were showed on the club and special shows which is against the
FCI rules! The reason for this was: the mixed need two notes "very good" to
get the permission for breeding and to be honest: the jugdes in Czech
Republic are not idiots and no-one will give to such untypical dogs the
"very good" note. So the mixes were showed on the club and special show
where the judged knew: "this dogs HAVE to he "very good"". It was stupid
because if you see the class results in Zbraslav - the same note get very
nice bitch (Czech Champion and Club Winner) FATIMA z Molu Es and an
untypical CLC Audrey Lupo. It's a realy scandal...

There are more scandalish facts about this mixes - the whole thing stinks.
It's really a dirty case. We included this dogs in the database on
Wolfdog.org to warn the people against this dogs! The international CLC
community protested against using such dogs, the clubs in different coutries
already send official prostests. So the fight is going on....
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