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Default Summercamps 2006

There are 5 summer camps this year - here is the schedule:

*** CzW summer camp of the German club - Neustadt/Harz (D)
09/07/2006 - 16/07/2006
The one and only summer camp of German CzW club where you can meet most of the (active) CzW owners from Germany. There will be also the youth presentation and bonitation (14/07/2006) judged by well-known judge Sona Bognarowa (from Slovakia) and Special Dog Show for CzW (15/07/2006) judged by Stefan Stefik (President of the Slovakian Kennel Club).

*** Training summer camp of the Moravian part of the club - Jevisovice (CZ)
15/07/2006 - 30/07/2006
It's similar to the well-known summer camp in Lazne Belohrad. But this camp in Jevisovice (Moravia) is more pleasant. It takes place on the private ground of the family Matusinec (kennel Dakmat). Of course you can also train there and there is possibility to pass some exams - ZPO, ZPU1, ZPU2 (25.07.2006). So if you want to spent some quite days with other CzW owners from Moravia it is good solution. It would be good if you speak German - the organizers know this language good enough. Training will be hold by Helena Hloubackova (kennel Sotis).

In the end of this summer camp K.Matusinec Memorial (pentathlon for CzW owners) (27/07/2006 - 28/07/2006) and Special Dog Show for CzW (29/07/2006) will took place there. You are welcome!

*** Training summer camp of the Czech part of the club - Lazne Belohrad (CZ)
30/07/2006 - 12/08/2006
It's our favourite camp in CZ... The organizer is Vanca Zeisek (kennel z Litavske kotliny) - he organizes also the summer camp in Nadejkov but also most of the CzW meetings and competitions. And he makes it good...
How does this camp look like: first week there is a lot of training, during the second we make the exams. A single day look like this: in the morning tracking, after it breakfast, protection work and lunch. Later a break and at 14:00 there is training to the dog shows and bonitation, and obedience in groups. After dinner again protection work.
The most important is: if you don't want to train you don't need to. You can also for example take part only in bonitation training and obedience. Or take part in the training every second day. Simply said: you decide... And in the fact you will be able to participate only in some lessons because the dogs are not able to train the whole day.

Also almost every day there is something for owners: trips to ZOO (you can take your dog with you), night safari, trips to famous places and rocks, walks in the city (it's nice city: "Lazne" means "spring": healty water). If there is too hot to train we go to the swimming pool or make outing to the near castles or palaces.

You will also have no problems to speak English or German on this summer camp. If everything goes OK, there will be people not only from CZ but also Poland, Lithuania, Holland, Czech Republic and Germany this year.

The exams are also very cheap: about 7-10 EUR for every test.

*** Summer camp for CsW - Trusalova (SK)
05/08/2006 - 13/08/2006
It's the only summer camp organized by the Slovakian CzW Club. It's great for the whole family. There is only a little bit training (2x obedience, 1 x protection work) and obedience and protection - this year it will be made by professional trainers from the TART group.
The Slovaks have always something for every day: one-day trip to the mountains (it's nothing special for Slovaks who are used to make such trips but it can be quite exhausting for usual people), another day orientation run with dogs, volleyball tournaments. Every day there is something for children (usualy Jan Polony (kennel Foncorda) is an expert in preparing games for them). Every evening there is a campfire for all participants (don't forget to prepare some English songs! ). On Saturday there is always the bonitation. You can apply to the bonitation already on Saturday - so you can decide if you will take part or not...
I like Slovakian camps because there is no stress - only vacation and nice free time.

There will be also the possiblity to pass the youth presentation and bonitation which will took place on 12/08/2006.

*** Summer training camp of TART - Zirovnice (CZ)
12/08/2006 - 26/08/2006
TART is the special club training for professional working dogs. So also the summer camp is (almost) only for advanced dogs: it is not only for CzW but for all breeds and mainly for real working dogs (security, police and army). There is very hard training for the whole day - but they train it not as a sport but for real work. It is great for everyone who works with a CzW...

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Hi Margo,
I already wrote on Italian Forum without reply, so maybe on this one I will have more chance.
does anyone have any extra information about this camp? any experience?

Letní výcvikový tábor Čsv v Jetřichovicích
(Datum: 29/07/2006 - 12/08/2006)

thank you in advance
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Hi Massimo.
In Jetrichovice is summer camp for CSW too, bud for this pages (and official czech Club web pages too) is the BAD camp and you can't find any information.
This year starts the camp 29.7. as you know. It's very good camp, becouse it's friendly for all and you can do there what you want. You can train with your dog and do some exams (this year ZOP,ZPU1,ZPU2 and ZZO,ZM,ZVV1). In Jetrichovice is also very nice nature. It's on the border of National Park Cesko-Saske Svycarsko. Realy beutiful nature and when it's very hot summer it's ideal. Near camp are rocks, forest and river.
In Italy you can ask about this camp Andrea Pecharova (Gambato) cannel Foresta Incantata.
You can write email to Monika Soukupova ([email protected]) she is the second best inform person about this camp. (the first is RadekK. but only in czech ) Monika perhaps know name of people from Italy who arrive this year. From Czech prefer this camp for example Monika, Jindrich Jedlicka, Olga Jedlickova and many other. Mr. Hartl also visit this camp every year.
And of course you are welcome
PS. This is the pages (only in czech) - you can see there photos from camp - www.jetrichovice.wz.cz
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Thank you Eva.
So many "important" people of CSW breed go to this camp and no "advertisments", I'm surprised.
It will be a good occasion to "know" Hartl, I already met Rosik this year.
I hope to meet as many people and CSWs as possible, even if it's not an "official" camp.

Meet you there
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