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Default Car sickness

All, big Howl,

Does anybody know something about car sickness with the CsW. The Dutch W has
problems traveling by car, their getting sick (foam arround mouth and so
on). I'm thinking about a CsW and this problem would be a big bottle-neck,
cause we will be traveling by car a lot.


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Default Car sickness

Hi Jeffrey,
this problem is very individual, same like by human. It have nothing to do with
heritage. You can see dogs from one litter and some have this problem and other
not. But mostly is this problem by puppies and by mature dogs is never more.
Basicaly is always better not feeding dog before the trip.
I have this problem too. My Hoky is absolutely without this problem (and has no
problems like puppy as well), Nancy sometimes sick, but mostly, when we driving
some serpentins or something so. But sometimes she is absolutely OK. As I said,
its very individualy.

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Per Olav
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Default Car sickness


Just a short comment on the subject.
Our own CSV suffered heavily of car sickness as a puppy.
Now he is approx two and a half yrs old and love driving.
We trained by taking short trips which we gradually increased.
No feeding before the trip.


Per Olav
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Default Car sickness

Hello Pack!
Let's give it a Howl too,... we (the dogs and I) actually howl together at
regular times : ),... so,: Hooooowl!

Hello Jeffry,

I Agree with Pavel and Per, car sickness is an individual thing (not
I never heard CSV are more carsick then other dogs, in conterary, I almost
have to prevent my dogs from joyriding! : )

With dogs, Not as with Humans, car sickness does not come from the
equilibrium organ ('balancing organ near the ear') but with dogs car
sickness normaly comes from nervous (side)affects.

I know there are special sedating medicine for dogs (especially young dogs)
to try to prevent car sickness, you can get them at the Veterinaria if

But in my opion it's better to get the dogs used at travelling starting as
a pup (if possible) by taking them out on short trips as soon as possible
and make them know that it is fun to go out!
Do not feed them before (otherwise they can use it twice)
Please don't pay to much attention to them (not like it's a human baby who
is sick) my experience is that it is better NOT to give them to much
attention, the dog can easely interpred it wrong at such a moment, it makes
the wrong link (1+1=2) and the problem will consist or even get bigger.(the
car (1) is a unpleasant experiance (1), so they refuse to get in? (2))
Take another dog with you if possible, they know how to act, otherwise
you'll have the risk that you unwillingly learn the dog to remember the
negative things of travelling.
Let them know it's nothing scary but it's just a short trip ALWAYS followed
by some fun outside!
Try to make longer trips and build it up.
Have Fun!
Veel plezier!

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Default Car sickness

Thanks everybody, Hooooowwwwllll,

I've got lots of info and I'm sure I will be able to cope with this,


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Default Car sickness

Dear Jeffrey,
we travel a great lot by car and none of the csw we took with us for up to 12
hours got sick after it was older than about five month (only two got sick once
and a while till that age, but almost every dogbreed does). And I am talking
about 6 adult dogs and a litter of 9 puppies. And I never heard of many problems
in this brees with car sickness.
Regards Ina
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John Yestrebsky
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Default Car sickness

My Arka is almost 10 months old. She has only vomited once. We eve n took her on an eight hour trip when she was about four months old. She rides very well in a vehicle.

Chris Y.
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