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The kennelklub made the export pedigrees just if it is paid...so when it is written was issued "23.11.2009' it means it were ready and booked. Moreover not the kennelklub send the pedigrees to new owners , the breeders have to do it!
Anyway: I left the pedigrees in the first envelope than I put them to a new one. So Inessa will see when was it send first (January) and when came back........


Send me the original email from my kennelklub to my private email.
I would like to ask them what is it....... but perhaps means they answer without they would check it ??? We have to sing in book when we pick up the papers........
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No problem. It's sent to you.

But let me explain the situation. They told that new owners must pay 65 eur/dog. It clearly means that they haven't received your payment.
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They did ! Otherwise I couldn't get the exportpedigrees. The methode : we have to send back the original pedigrees, and pay.....and just after we got the export pedigrees and we (breeders) have to send the papers to new owners.
The export pedigrees are on the way to Daiva.......and Inessa will see it was on way to her in Januray and came back in April.
But I will ask them, don't worry!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i have been reading this wolfdog.org forum for a while.. just learning and reading.. and then i stumbled upon this thread.. wow!

i had to sign in, just because i wanted to ask you are you serious?? seriously??

I thought this kind of stuff was only in high school.. but i guess it exist here as well.. i hate to say it but because of this thread i feel embarresed..

I love to read about constructive criticisim.. but this is far from it.. i love to read about breeders comparing their lines and explaining why they bred this particular male with this female..and i love to read about other breeders asking apropiate questions from other breeders, i love to read about people asking for advice and people giving advice by their own experiences, but not sounding like their way is the right way and everything else is ****...

There are parts in this thread that are ok, but mostly it is bickering back and forth!

everyone has their own preference, everyone knows what they like.. but for those who yet dont know what they are looking for... this just turns them off from this breed.. because if people are so ... well what this thread is like (lupis etc..) then they would not wont a breed like this, because this is just ridiculous...

I am welcome to anyone wanting to attack me from this writing, i dont care! i will not stoop down to a level that is this.. i can explain myself, can you explain your own actions?

just like in real life i say "there is no need to attack another, unless it is to protect yourself or an innocent.."

so,please.. do not drive us away who want to learn more! ask appropriate questins and let the other explain.. I love to read apropriate conversations, but when it begins to attack another, then it is just out of order!

please, just stop the bickering! and get on with the constructive convos!!

happy summers, Jessica!
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I have also been impressed with little Pollux Crying Wolf - he has bounced back from a pretty traumatic trip from Hungary to Florida, and I really like his personality.
He is snuggly (LOVES to be held in your arms), sweet, serious and kind of a tough guy! He is also really attractive - very "wolfy" - a gorgeous wedge-head, a PERFECT shoulder (I have never seen a better shoulder - it's to die for!), balanced and well-built. Of course he is a pup, so his feet still look like combat boots!
Like his breed calls for, he is not one to make instant friendships. He is selective, though he is INCREDIBLY attached to his person. His focus on her is amazing. I have no doubt he will look very flashy in the ring with his intensity.
In a breed like ours, not every dog bred behaves perfectly all the time. It is not fair to expect them to. They are not a Retriever or a Collie. They were bred for Border Patrol work - that requires a suspicious nature and the intelligence to make decisions to protect what they were designed to protect.
To judge ANY kennel or breeder on one experience with one dog (and how many vlcaks are out there that one could base an opinion on more than just one or two vlcaks at a time anyway?) is not fair. A breeder makes an educated guess on a genetic combination and the early raising of a pup, but after that - it's up to the new owner and we all know that not everyone has the time, knowledge or ability to expose their dog to every situation possible. And let's be fair - some of the situations we expect our dogs to tolerate are barely tolerable by us! A dog show, for example - what a stressful thing! Unnatural, most of the humans are dominant to the dogs, and at least here in the US I find a lot of the dog show visitors are really obnoxious to the dogs - grabbing and hugging them... *I* don't think *I* would be as tolerant as my dogs are if I had strangers taking such liberties with me!
Anyway, just my two cents...
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