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Upbringing & character How to care for a puppy, how to socialize it, the most common problems with CzW, how to solve them....

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treadmills are handy for getting your dog used to distance and for building stamina (But still doesn't emulate really "real road" conditions).. but keep in mind young dogs should not be using a treadmill or any other exercise which is repetitive and especially not on natural surfaces. I would consider treadmill exercises the same as biking with a dog, and wouldn't do it until after the dog is physically mature around 18 mth or so.
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Originally Posted by avgrunn View Post
Completely agree
I remember when Uro was a puppy it was impossible to tire him physically, he could run, jump, play with dogs, annoy me for hours, afterwards he needed only 20-60 minutes for a sleep and then he could do it all over again . But after mental exercises he needed some more time to recharge his batteries (around 2-3 hours). Only after a year he calmed down, he just got used to me and my way of spending days. But nowadays he still tires mentally not physically So treadmill is just a waste of your money.
I fully agree. My pup running and playing for 2 hours with other dogs was not as worn out as after a 30 minute walk in the city centre, a visit to a shopping mall, cafe, ride by a tram or bus, etc. I used to take her everywhere I could - to my accountant, hairdresser, to a food market, occasionally to my office hours, etc. etc. In fact she still accompanies me to various places and loves it

Another very effective method to exhaust a puppy is to take it for a 30-40 minute free walking and sniffing in a park (preferably rather empty) on a long line, with the human just following the dog.
And last but not least - training: 15-20 minutes obedience session equals more or less 1 hour physical exercise.

I mean a pup should be exposed to all of these and probably even more

BTW our trainer says that some recent studies showed that for a dog (not particularly a vlcak) participation in a dog show makes him so agitated, that he needs two days on average to have his hormones level back to normal!

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