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Default Type of agression?

Hey everyone.

I was wondering if anyone with some experiences in dog psychology could tell me what type of agression would you mark what i will describe. If that will be posibble at all just by explaining how it looks.

So. It is mostly about dog to dog agression, it doesnt matter what sex other dog is( i have a 2 year old male csv), small kind of dog or big dogs. Similar could be here and there with some strange unknown people, but even more similar would be reaction to some small kids. I couldnt socialise him with kids, becouse i couldnt get to them and you cant just ask someone if he borrows his child for socialising wolfdog . So he fears them if approaching him alone and reacts simillar as to dogs.

So as we approach a dog, even known dog on the distance he still cant recognise him, he will start barking/growling, when closer, specially when unknown/hated dog is present, he will be jumping towards that dog to reach it and still be audiable a lot. If that dog isnt calm and is agressive, there is a big chance for fight on contact. But if other dog is ok, he will go to smell him and that will lower his nervousness a lot or totally calm him down.
But before he calms down, i often noticed fear, just like with small kids. He started such behaviour at around 11months, as i was told to expect.
For example, about 2 weeks ago i went to a friend who has big german shepard, but wouldnt attack without his command, altrought he seems pretty bossy.
From car when he saw that shepard(before that he saw him last about half a year ago, so didnt know him anymore), he gone mad..
So i asked a friend, will he attack if i let him face his fears with his dog even if mine shows agression, he said no.
So i let him out, and he was very very afraid, altrough soon he wanted to play, he ran away as soon as shepard got behind him, out of sight, to smell him for example.
He was also biting in air, as warning him that he is afraid when too close. After 15 minutes he was much more calm, but still not totally.

In other cases with more dogs is more obvious. Like organised dog meetings, going at show enterences to socialise. He was afraid of other dogs, but becouse of big crowd, he was calm, just afraid and isolated from others until he got used to them. Then he played normally.

The problem about it is, that he is very strong and sometimes i barely can stop him. If he doesnt ignore in such situations i can calm him down with words or so, but mostly i cant get his attention, even with food when there are other dogs/fear.

I am pretty sure he is not just agressive dog that hates other dogs, but kind of fearful agression, feeling unsecure.

When undistracted he is very obidient, does what i want him to do and he was socialised from earlier then 6th week of age, maybe not enough, but sure he met a lot of dogs and things up to his first year.

What do you guys think? I will add more if i remember anything else, i have some work now..

p.s. One more thing i noticed yesterday. I am trying hard to avoid psyhical force and "alpharolling" things, but sometimes is only way at such strong dog to get his attention and make him stop. Well at least at him, i tried a lot of advices and tips.
Well yesterday i had to do it and i did make him to shut up mostly and stay down, but he was shaking big time. nerveousness? Same reaction was with dog of friend described above. His dog was shaking like that when he was waiting on command to attack or otherwise leave, as mine was showing that "agression towards him".
How is that called, what does that tell?

Thanks everyone
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