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Default saarloos wolfhound ?????

finally a saarloos wolfhound site im in the usa and i have become addicted to wanting a saarloos wolfhound iv gone threw 2000 web pages and been reading everything there is to know about this breeder how they were made who made them how many acres they need how big they get there temperment etc etc etc if anybody knows a breeder or is breeder plz help me im lookin to get one in the next few months a male and its like trying to find needle in haystack
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Maybe it is better that you introduce you're self and let peoples know you a bit. If you only place a message like this I do not think you will be in any luck.

Every breeder love there puppies and every one is in these days very carefully because there are a lot of peoples from other country's that want just to have a saarloos or CwD just for mixing them in other breeds( as I know from the CwD the Aatu T peoples are looking very hard for something like that and we don't want that to happen to either of the three breeds). Before breeders here would even consider to over think you they first have to know you and be 100% sure that you want one not for crossbreeding.

And by the way this is a CwD forum not a saarloos forum
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