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NerOne 17-07-2012 22:51

New WOLFDOG Shirts!!!
New WOLFDOG's shirts avaliable!


Shirts are avaliable in all sizes, only black colour and kangoo style (with hood and a pocket). Prize is 20 euro per each. Fabric- 100% cotton.
Caution! The sizes are untypical- please measure Your favourtie shirt and compare with sizes above:

size M
A- 164 cm
B- 52 cm
C- 60 cm
D- 51 cm

size L
A- 170 cm
B- 57 cm
C- 64 cm
D- 54 cm

size XL
A- 176 cm
B- 61 cm
C- 68 cm
D- 58 cm

size XXL
A- 182 cm
B- 65 cm
C- 71 cm
D- 61 cm

size XXXL
A- 186 cm
B- 67 cm
C- 74 cm
D- 62 cm

A- height
B- red line
C- yellow line
D- blue line


Remember- cotton may shrink after first wash so choose a size a bit bigger!

To avoid high fees for mailing them abroad, it would be the best if we could past them to you during the meeting in Późna, so you could send them to all orderers from your country.

We will collect the orders till the END OF JULY.

For more details and orders contact [email protected]

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