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emanta 19-11-2009 21:55

I wanna adopt someone
Hi, my name is Andy, and I'm looking for a Pet, I wanna adopt someone, and If somebody wants, call me o leave me a pm. Really I love this race... I will take care and I will teach it, really, just tell me... Please answer me soon!

Mikael 20-11-2009 20:34


Originally Posted by emanta (Bericht 256307)
Hi, my name is Andy, and I'm looking for a Pet, I wanna adopt someone, and If somebody wants, call me o leave me a pm. Really I love this race... I will take care and I will teach it, really, just tell me... Please answer me soon!

Hello emanta

Here is a Mexican Breeder >>> http://pasodelobos.com.mx/

There is also breeders in the US and Brazil, se here >>> http://www.wolfdog.org/php/modules.p...B&file=kennels

Best regards / Mikael

Nebulosa 20-11-2009 21:17

You also have a list of dogs looking for a new home here:


But all they are on europe, so if someone acept donate one of then for you, you will need to bring him for your country or travel for pick up.

Anyway, I think that maybe will be easiest you find dogs looking for a new home at your country if you write in Spanish forum about it.

emanta 21-11-2009 06:44

Actually i'm trying to adopt this dog:
And i want to contact the owner, to tell him how much I want the dog, but ther isn't an answer. And another thing, i don't think that people with kennels want to give me some dog in adoption... If you know somebody more who has puppies, please answer me...

emanta 22-11-2009 00:07

New master!
Hi, hi!! I wanna know if somebody in here, has a puppy who doesn't want to have... I'll be more especific. I want a little pup, if somebody have, please contact me... I will ADOPT it..

emanta 22-11-2009 00:14

Hi, i'm looking for a puppy, and if you have, could you give someone to adopt??

Nebulosa 22-11-2009 00:42

I would like to kindly ask you if you could concentrate your posts about adoption of dogs in this one, that is in the properlly forum.

About adoption of pups, the maximally you will get are last minut puppies, which you can buy after pass for the selection made by the breeder.

I hope you have knowledge and experience enough before think about have a wolfdog, principally an addult one.

emanta 22-11-2009 00:58

hmmm... I am just looking a dog who needs a new home... And if were a puppy will be better.. (ADOPT)

Nebulosa 22-11-2009 02:38

Well, its not such easy question, you will not adopt a dog like buy carrots in the market...

We can find some cases of puppies for adoption, normally they have some kind of problem which took then out of breeding or shows, also you have cases of accidental litters which the breeder can sell the puppies at cost price, normally in both cases the breeder search for people who live near him for donate the puppies, its important for the breeder to see how the puppies develop, also important for him is the assurance that if something happen with the puppie or with the owner, he will be able to pick the puppy back to his home safely.
I cant imagine a breeder which agrees to sent an donated possible problematic puppie for someone he never saw in the life and live one sea away.
In this way easiest will be if you talk with the Mexican breeder Paso de Lobos.

You can meet also some adult dogs for adoption, there you have some different histories of why this dog is looking for a new home, sometimes the owner cannot have him anymore for personal problems, in this case the owner commonly still loves the dog and will search for the nearest possible new home for him, preferably with someone he knows well and trust.
Also you can meet some cases of what we can call "problem dogs", dogs which the old owners wasn't able to handle, had problems to live with him or didn't liked the behaviour of the breed, also in this list you can meet dogs which have really strong character and are very difficult to handle, traumatized animals or rescued of bad treatment, so, dogs which already have one history to tell and are searching for a very experienced owner, able to give him a good life and live with his particularities.
An responsible rescue, breeder or owner will never send a dog like that far away, where he will not be able to control how the new owner keep going with the new dog and help him to solve the possible problems which can appear, and if needed, rescue the same dog again.

Remembering that the breed by itself have a very difficult character, which need an experienced owner to handle. :|

emanta 22-11-2009 07:08

So in this case i would to talk with somebody from Paso de Lobos, what for they may give me in a adoption a dog??
I just want a dog... That's all, 'til now, the received advices, i will take 'em, by this way. I mean. I've been conviced to get an adult dog. I will take care 'im. That's not a problem to me.

I love dogs... All this has been a problematic. I just wanna adopt a Dog. And there's no one near by I live. The dogs are adults, i don't have any trouble with that. Only that I have 2 cats. And I was looking for a pup, who get along with 'em since baby. Right. And I, if adopt a big one, will be less annoying teachin' things. But, I just wanna, that It gets along with cats. That's all.

And agreed the experience. I have some experience with similar pets. By that way I want a pup, to learn well. How I already told, I will take care an adult dog, provided that It get along with cats. It's my checkpoint.

I just wanna some help to start good. I will take care the situation. But I just need learning, and I will with a Dog. I wanna Know somebody who gives me in adoption any pet. That's all. It will be alright.

jmvdwiel 22-11-2009 20:43

Hi Emanta,

Why don't you go to a pet shelter in your country I think that there are plenty of adoptable dogs, if you are searching for A Dog and not specificly for a CWD.

And as other people said, I you want to have a CWD, go and meet the breeder in your country. If you want to adopt a puppy than search on the web for the perfect combination (in your opinion) and contact that breeder. In the mean keep looking find some CWD owners in the neigbourhoud to get to know the breed. So you must invest some time and money to get a CSW. If you just want A dog, I now for sure that there are a lot of dogs looking for a new good home in some of the shelters in your country.

You can also do both....... :)

greetings Judith

emanta 23-11-2009 06:21

Actually i'm in that, And I asked to some breeders, and No Answers by anyone. I wanted to buy one, but it's a lot of money, I mean, some people want to sell me one dog in $15,000.00 (pesos). Money that I don't have. And I a shelter, could be the solution, but I'm looking for a dog like a hound o wolfdog, or similar.

Anyway, I have some contacts who could get me the dog. I found who gets me the dog here near. So there's no a lot of problem with that.
And thanks anyway by all.

See ya!!

michaelundinaeichhorn 23-11-2009 07:23

As far as I can see 15 000 Pesos are around 750 Euros. If you don´t have this money you won´t find any dog in Europe, alone to bring the dog over to you will very likely cost around this amount of money. Even if you adopt a dog out of a German shelter this costs around 6000 Pesos.
I don´t see any European breeder to donate you a puppy without knowing you personal and also pay the transport to Mexico.

If you also look for a hound, there are normally quite a lot of Greyhounds for adoption.


jmvdwiel 23-11-2009 12:08

I think it is going to be a problem, if you don't have the money to buy a pup/dog, what are you going to do when your dog is sick and you have to go to a veterinarian?
You can't think that the veterinarian is going to do everything for free, and what about food?

I think the best thing is to go to a shelter adopt a dog and keep the 600 euro extra in you pocket for medical insurence for you dog.
And there a lot of dogs in the shelters! who are dying to get their own owner.

greetings Judith

wolf_hu 23-11-2009 21:22


just for information: a breeder who I know, asked me to search for a cargo flight from Hungary (Budapest, BUD) to Cyprus (Larnaca, LCA), as I speak better hungarian. I asked our own national airways, then a cargo company, who are specilazied also for living animal (from mice up to a giraffe :p ), because the usual parcel services like DHL don't deal with living animal.
The price for a less, than two-hours flight was nearly 260.000,- HUF which is approx 950 EUR (it was the proud offer of the cargo service). The national airlines wanted to take this job something above 1100,- EUR! And, as mentioned, for less than 1500 km flight, I was really shocked. And they deliver animal (at least dogs) up to 9 weeks or elder....
When I calculated the fuel and toll costs, it was realized, that with a cheap diesel car it could be a good mediterranian trip, for less money, especially, when the new owner picks up the puppy at Europe / Mainland, so we don't have to pay for the ferry.

So, if You find a wolfdog for adoptation in Europe, You have to calculate at least with the abovementioned price for the oversea cargo.

Cats: My first wolfdog came to us as she was 1 year old. I was lucky, because she accepted my cats, but, despite of that, I had to punish her a few times, till she learnt, that hunting for cats - even as a ''hobby 4 fun'' - (imagine my cat was sleeping on the sofa, and she came silently into the room, and jumped near my cat, just to see her escaping...thats funny...she thought) is strictly prohibited at us....

Greetings from Hungary

TipTop 23-11-2009 23:28

Hi Emanta.

A month ago I bought my 1st wolfdog. Before buying her I had several other dogs. Two of them were adopted. One is a 'schnoodle', a poodle and schnauzzer mix and the other one I ve no clue what she is, lol. Actually she was found in the streets and I gave her a new home.

My advice to you, is that a dog in need of a new home is completely different than dogs that never faced any problems in their lifes.
They are so gratefull that u can not imagine.

Its a super experience to have one of those dogs. They bond so close to you! So gratefull and loyal....

If you dont have money to buy/import a Wolfdog right now, that dosen't mean it will be like that all your life. Things change and that can be a goal for you that might help to improve your finantial situation.

You better adopt a dog that needs help (even if its not a wolfdog) now, and I am positive that in the future you will be able to buy your dream-wolfdog.

Just believe in it and keep going!!!!;-)

emanta 30-11-2009 07:44

I've realised that these dogs are a little imposible to get one... I mean, I don't want 2 buy, because i prefer adopt a dog that buy one, I'm saving 2 lives at the same time.

And I tought that I'll get one of this race later. Now i'm looking for someone very similar on the shelters of my country. Since that I could find some dog of this race or almost same it will be great.

Oh, one thing more... ¿How many is the price aprox. from the send of a Dog to another country?


emanta 01-12-2009 21:41

At least!!! I found one!!! Here in Mexico City, very cheap... I'll buy it... It's a good New... I wanna that u know it... I'll put on his pictures in this, until I get him in my arms... LOL sounds funny... Awiwiw!!!

Mikael 01-12-2009 22:04


Originally Posted by emanta (Bericht 259237)
At least!!! I found one!!! Here in Mexico City, very cheap... I'll buy it... It's a good New... I wanna that u know it... I'll put on his pictures in this, until I get him in my arms... LOL sounds funny... Awiwiw!!!

Congratulation Emanta :) what kind of dog is it ???

Very best regards / Mikael

emanta 12-12-2009 07:16

i think it is WolfDog, but still I don't know if it's hybrid or is a CSW...

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