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Baz 06-06-2012 16:02

Flying to Vancouver, BC (Canada) with dogs.
I'm planning a trip to Vancouver from the Czech Republic later this year & I would like to stay for up to a month and don't want to leave my dogs (one 14 month old CSW & a small 2 year old cross) behind. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with flying to Vancouver or anywhere else in North America.

Any information about which airports/airlines are good or those to avoid would be much appreciated.

I'm not online much these days but will check here as often as possible.

Thanks as always,


michaelundinaeichhorn 06-06-2012 18:00

Lufthansa is a very good company to fly with. Never fly close to a weekend because then it can happen that the dog gets stuck in customs.
If you have to go via Frankfurt it is worth a thought using Gradlyn Kennels, a commercial shipping company which is very often much cheaper (depending to the country you fly to) and that I would blindly trust in shipping my dogs. They know when to go best and which airline to use. All dogs we and friends of ours did send with them did arrive without any problems in a very good mood. They for example wouldn't send dogs to the US on a Friday due to the customs problem and would make sure they donĀ“t get pushed around or stuck somewhere.


GalomyOak 07-06-2012 12:31

I agree with everything Ina says! :) KLM is also a very good airline, and also recently had a very good experience with Horizon Shipping (in the Czech Rep.). The biggest thing is to make sure you have all necessary peperwork and vaccines for customs,

A really good person to contact is Johannes Ruf (owner of Erik Nanook Zlata Palz) - he has made the journey to Canada with his dog from Europe more than once.

And next time you fly across the Atlantic, it must be to visit the US! 8) Have fun!!!!


Baz 07-06-2012 16:25

Thanks for the advice Ina & Marcy, Frankfurt is certainly an option for me, I can get there from here quite easily.

As for coming to the States, hopefully next time I will, Virginia is a little too far from Vancouver for a visit this time though :p

michaelundinaeichhorn 07-06-2012 19:34

If you need the contact to Gradlyn kennels just send me a PM


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