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Shadowlands 30-01-2013 11:48

My Worst Nightmare
I am sorry this is in English - could a native speaker please translate it for me...

On 14.01.13, I had a message from the owner of one of our puppies (Shadowlands Bulgaria Braveheart) in the UK to say that he was staying with a friend of hers until she decided what to do. She said he had shown aggression towards her other dog. I asked her to tell me where he was, but had no reply. 2 days later, I was told that he was with Andre Tanner (Wolfzone). I wrote to her and asked what the situation was. She responded to say that he had shown aggression on his first night but that had settled very well since and played happily with a dominant male of hers (not sure what breed), and had since accepted the dog he was originally aggressive towards. She also stated that he was not showing any of the behaviours complained of by the ‘owner’ and that he had been badly undersocialised. I was happy to hear that he had settled. Unfortunately, she went on to say that she now considered him to be her property and that she would use him in her breeding programmes in the future (cross breeding, wolf-hybrid etc), even saying she knew the terms of our original contract (therefore consciously ignoring them). Obviously I was not happy with this. On 19.01.13, I wrote to the original ‘owner’ and told her that she knew this went against the terms of our puppy contract and that she should inform Ms. Tanner that I would be sending someone to collect Braveheart and that she was to give him up. The response was a clear ‘no’ and that I was not to contact her again...

After seeing Ms Tanner had posted photos of her ‘’new Czech Male’’ on Facebook and posted him on her website as a stud male, my partner wrote to her on 22.01.13 stating that he was not her property and that we wanted him back and that, if she didn’t comply, we would seek redress through the courts. The response to this came from Ronnie Winder! He stated he was co owner of Braveheart and, amongst a lot of rambling, threatened us if we tried to take him back.

We will not leave any stone unturned trying to get him back but I wanted to make this public so that all other breeders could see what can happen in the UK. I made a terrible error in judgement in allowing the pup to go to this woman in the first place, who became a different person once she had possession. I would urge any breeder considering sending any pup to the UK to ensure that the ownership and pedigree registration remain in joint names with the owner until such times as the breed is KC recognised as well as adding a clause in the contract whereby any use of their dog in cross breeding (by the original owner or by anyone they pass the dog onto) is liable to a large fine. Honest owners will have no problem in signing contracts with these clauses as they will never have any intention of breaking it, but it will give you, the breeder, some peace of mind.

Sadly the UK has a long way to go until it is a stable country for our breed. There are too many unsavoury characters there who only view the dogs as money making objects. There are, also, a lot of genuine breed lovers there who only want the best for their dogs, present or to be and we need to be supporting these people as much as we can (but protecting ourselves and our dogs too).

Shadowlands 31-01-2013 09:14

I would also like to add to this that, until the United Kingdom Kennel Club officially recognises the breed, no progeny born in the UK will be eligible for a pedigree. It makes no difference whether the parents are FCI registered or not. Only pups born AFTER recognition will be able to be registered and recognised.

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