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lefteris 26-08-2013 20:24

Size chart for czechoslovakian wolfdogs
Hi there i am new here,
was wondering if there is any size(weight/height) chart thats show growth percentage for czechoslovakian wolfdogs. I have seen in internet many for other breads and i was wondering if i can predict alphie's(my wolfdong is 8 months now :p) size ! Thanks a lot.

Rybka 27-08-2013 02:00

Gia sou Lefteris.
I am afraid, that You will not find any chart.
Anyway- if Your wolfdog is 8 months old he will grow up for sure. Some wolfdogs can grow even when they are 1,5-2 years old! (like mine- measured at the age of 14 months was 67 cm tall, one year later he was 67,5 cm tall). So don't worry, he has a time to grow up :)

lefteris 27-08-2013 08:28

Hi Rybka thanks for the quick reply . :) It's nice to hear that my little devil :twisted: will grow bigger although he is not small , measured about 5 days ago he was 67cm. If you can enlighten me a bit more please ,I would like to know if dogs size is in its genetics ,meaning alphie might become 70cm or might stay 67 ?? Or his current size means he will grow more ??

I will post a picture of my boy later today :D

Rybka 27-08-2013 16:51

It is hard to say how tall he will be in the future.
CZW males grow up for long time. Of course, first 9-10 moths they grow up very quick, after that age they rise much slower.
Some lines are long-growing, at the age of 3 years we can say that they are finnaly 100% overgrown. Some other lines have they finnaly size when they are much younger (18-24 months).
If Your CZW has 67 cm now it is possible that he will be 70 cm in the future. Be patient :)

Rona 28-08-2013 10:19

I've also met CSVs that reached their max height at 15 -18 months. It probably depends on the individual genetic development plan, feeding, etc. etc. Genetics is sometimes tricky and shorter parents may have taller progeny and big parents not necessarily.

The general rule is that young vlcaks that look poorly, i.e. are thin and seem thin-boned usually grow to beautiful wolf-like looking dogs, that move lightly and gracefully, like wolves. Those that look "ready", i.e. adult before they are 2 years old, when fully grown often are too heavy - look and move like GSDs rather than vlcaks.

Besides, the average height of CSV males is about 67,5cm, so 70cm is really tall and looks well only if the dog has a really wolfish body. Otherwise it is heavy and looks good only on winter photos ;)

lefteris 28-08-2013 14:42

1 Attachment(s)
Thank you both, i upload a photo of Alphie not his best but he is cute at least. :)

Wolfdog Lover 31-08-2013 22:08

File Lefteri apo pou eise?

Wolfdog Lover 31-08-2013 22:12

Rotao giati psaxno ena ektrofea stin giati exo xasei ton agapimeno mou cwd kai ithela na ksero an peires ton diko sou apo Ellada na m eleges ton ektrofea efxaristo polu ek ton proteron!!!

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