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Hanka 20-07-2010 07:27

Ali Reolup
My friend Ali Reolup acrossed Rainbow bridge, he was 14 years, 8 months and 11 days old...........


And last foto only a few days old:


woland77 20-07-2010 07:40

The sorrow fills our hearts today, the joy of your memories will remain, tomorrow and forever.

Good bye Ali! We and your descendants are proud of you !!

a big hug Hanka!!

jasmine 20-07-2010 07:50

ahhh : (((((((((((((((((((
Good bye Ali !!!!!!

Wolfsirius 20-07-2010 08:23

Good bye, Ali.. :cry: All the best for you, Hanka.

-Giny od Uhoste (10 years 8 months) & WolfSirius pack + Suski

Max Paini 20-07-2010 09:36

Ciao ALI
we had opportunity to see you just only one times, but we can't forget you.
Hanka a big hug from all us

Massimiliano Cecilia Krimhilde Zenith

TipTop 20-07-2010 10:07

Wonderfull dog.
I am so sorry to hear that.
But one day u both will be together again.

A big hug for all the family.:cry:

Ricky's Wolf 20-07-2010 12:42

I'm very sorry.
An important piece of history.
A hug Hanka

20-07-2010 13:16

Awww, poor Ali, I'm so sorry Hanka. :( I've always admired your dogs and had a soft spot for Ali, even though I never knew him. Keep your wonderful memories of him in your thoughts and hug all of your other dogs a little extra for him!

anastasia 20-07-2010 14:11

Good bye Ali!

massimo 20-07-2010 14:43

Goodbye Ali,
I remember seeing him at 12 years old, beautiful and strong!
A super CSW!!
Lucky Hanka for having this wonderful animal.
I will always remember him like this....

Navarre 20-07-2010 16:07

Still beautiful at 14 years and 8 months and few days old.
See you later, Ali ;)

Silvester 20-07-2010 16:25

Hi Hanka !

Yes, it´s a sad story at last , all time - but remember you gave him a fine , good and long dogs- life with a lot of joy and ... a lot of children too!

So you and Ali have made the best out of his life.:)

My old Csw died in Nov. 2008 , so it´s not long ago and i can exactly understand your feelings.

Ali will stay in your heart forever - as my "Lupus" will stay in mine.

Best Greetings, Uli alias "Silvester" from Germany

Nebulosa 21-07-2010 03:16

Huge loss :cry:, with 14 years old, almost 15, we can say that he had a long life.
A big hug from her grand daughter jezebeth and her pack.

soniakanavle 21-07-2010 05:33

Oh dear Ali we'll all miss you. :cry:
Sorry Hanka, you gave him a wonderful life!!!
I gave his grandson an extra hug tonight, I hope he gets to live a great long life as well.
Much love. - Sonia and Loki von Wolfen

Fede86 21-07-2010 08:09

We are very very sorry for the loss... Goodbye Ali...

dany 21-07-2010 13:47

Wonderful till the last days!

tupacs2legs 21-07-2010 14:14

im sorry for your loss Hanka :-(

run free handsome Ali.xxx

buidelwolf 21-07-2010 18:58

Great loss, but luckily he had a great life and great age.

Hanka, wish you a lot of strength!

canislupus 22-07-2010 09:50

Good bye, Ali !!!

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