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lefteris 31-08-2014 13:47

Nose bump
Hi there,

two months ago Alphie's nose got a huge bump.
I then decided that i must take him to the vet.
The vet told me that is probably like "a head bump" or it could be from the broken fang and gave me a medicine so we can know for sure. The bump started to lower before we start the medicine and i thought that it was just a "bump" from a hit and everything is fine.

Now to the point..

The bump did not left completely and one vet suggest's its from the broken fang and the other not. Alfie's nose as a pup was super straight.

Recently i looked to a lot of CZV dogs photos and i noticed that the same bump exists to other dogs too !? Is that a coincidence? Or is a bump to the csv nose and its normal?

p.s. I probably have to remove the fang but i want to know if there is the possibly the bump is normal!

Shadowlands 05-09-2014 07:45

Maybe if you could post some pictures so everyone can see what you mean?

Shadow also has a broken canine (for more than one year now) and it has never affected her. Hopefully it is unrelated.

lefteris 25-09-2014 21:03

Nose bump
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Its where the arrow points and the black color starts. It is a minor bump, i try to make a side photo too.

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