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buidelwolf, I cannot agree with you. I agree that higly inbred animals from some relatively Rep-free lines might be very valuable for breeding, although there may be some arguments against this particular line, but I am not going into that. My argument is not that such animal is not correct to use, my argument is that it is incorrect to use Hamlet. Why? For the same reason why it was incorrect to try to introduce new wolf blood to CSW through Mutaras. This is a thing that requires planning, and selection of the animals to use to create such inbred studs. And that was missing from both Hamlet and Mutaras. It is still possible to create inbreds, even from the same animal, in better conditions, but at least now we will know about what we are bringing into the population, not a complete unknown as Hron was when he mated his sister. Now we at least know that he has bad legs, long tail, darker eye (the tail and eye are of course minor) and bad character (and don't argue about upbringing, his sister Hena had the same conditions but was able to pass the bonitation on the same day as Hron was not) and we can, if we decide to, use a bitch that would compensate.

I too wish Hamlet good home, after all, the quality of the home should not depend on the papers, but I cannot agree that he was supposed to obtain the papers just because of his lineage.
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