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Identical to the GSD...surely not. There are some who are more similar to the GSD in structure, some who are more similar in personality, depending (as stated before) on who the parents are - but as a whole, there are definite differences in personality and in structure (if bred correctly). A correctly bred CSV should be lighter/faster than a GSD (more shallow and narrow chest, longer legs, shorter/straighter back, different angulation of the legs). Most are natural trackers and trailers...not necessarily physically better than a GSD, but they are more independent and think more. This can actually be a difficulty in competitive tracking (not trailing), because the dog is expected to blindly keep it's nose to the ground (as opposed to air-scenting, and cutting corners - trailing - which is more time-efficient, but less precise). They are much more independent than the GSD by genetics, and also by inadvertant breeding selection, and go through a different development, which can (and should) trigger a different training response and timeline from the owner/handler...leading to a much different dog overall.
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