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Oh yes, they are slimmer, in sense that their ribcage is narrower and so is the positioning of the front legs, they are placed kind of in line with the sides of the ribs. Their elbows are tucked in, so they are narrower, their rib cage is narrowed even more in the bottom part of the chest, so the elbows have anough space. Combined with longer legs, they are therefore also lighter than similar size GSD.

They are I think stronger in comparison to similarly muscled GSD, and thanks to their intelligence they can abuse their strength.

Also, their teeth are more robust than GSD, and the canine teeth are longer.

It is hard to say about speed, as I rarely see wolfdog running at the top of their abilities.

My opinion is that from the point of view of pure physique, average wolfdog is better than average GSD, even a well-angled (= natural, not modern show type) GSD.
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