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Originally Posted by El Patron View Post
This is my first post here so, hi everyone! and I wasn't sure were to put this so I Don't think the miscellaneous could hurt.

My question is. Is the Czechoslovakian Wolfodg physically more capable then the German Shepherd. Is it more capable then most dogs in general? Can it run faster, jump higher, does it smell better, is it stronger, etc.. Or is it almost the same physically and the differences are more in appearance and psychology.
Over many years my brother and I have kept Dobermans, a German Shepherd, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, a Golden retriever and a few cross breeds - my impression is that, pound for pound my CsV is physically stronger than any of these dogs, he certainly has larger, stronger teeth than any other dog I have seen. A direct comparison is difficult as my Akitas were much heavier, up to 50 kgs as opposed to my CsV's 32 kgs. My brother's male Malamute pup was huge, 32" and 55kgs by 1 year old but teeth and jaws were no stronger than my CsV.
I am certain that the CsV's senses are difficult to beat - very acute hearing and eyesight, much more acute than any dog I have seen, together with a keen sense of smell and a certain 'hardness' not found in most dogs. Physically my male CsV is faster and more agile than an Akita or Malamute but not as psychologically strong or aggressive. Psychologically , at 16 months old, he is still a baby and so it is too soon for a formal comparison.
I doubt whether comparisons like this are ultimately useful though; rather, what is important is not to underestimate the CsV and to treat it with respect and sensitivity.

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