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I had a German Shepherd bitch many years ago, and after 15 months with my CSV I would say physically they are utterly different specimens. From my limited experience with my CSV; to compare I would say her stamina, acceleration, turning ability, anticipation, balance, ease of movement are all on a different level entirely to my dear departed GSD RIta. The CSV also seems to "know" there physical potential & seems to fulfill this potential with ease & great understanding of it's limitations. So if against a faster dog, different tactics will be employed to gain the upper hand. CSVs do not like being outdone.

Swimming, climbing & jumping my CSV is also on a different plane than GSD, entirely different plane. The movement is so liquid in all 3 abilities. For sheer speed though I doubt there would be much difference between a very fit GSD & a very fit CSV but at the first jump or manouvere the GSD would be left behind.

The scenting ability of the CSV can be frightening as I am sure people found out during their employment for border patrol. If I am in the city we are off lead, but I must be very careful as if Apogee catches the scent of any friends or worse "family" she will run like chasing a hare, so it is not just the scent that is better than my GSD it is also scent memory that is far stronger I think.

The only thing physically I can remember Rita doing as well as Apogee is eating really if I'm honest. Oh & howlling, both breeds are very good at that! Perhaps the daytime sight of the GSD is as good if not better? someone else with more knowledge than me of the breeds will know this though..

Having said all this, my comparison is based only on my personally owned dogs. Not all CSV's will excel physically & I have even met rather fat wolfdogs

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