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Then, according to you Ariminium, we should all forget about Demoniak & co, try to not speak about it and let an unknown blood mix up with pure CzW bringing new genes including new illness and different problems to the breed.

And that all because someone with no brain tried to find a way to sell pups more expensive than pure breed dogs by doing mongrels and CHEATING the papers (then the owners will be able to fullfil his EGO desire to go to dogshows and say "I have a different czechoslovakian wolfdog, coming from a new way of breeding" ), because always will have even more brainless (sorry for the owners) people to buy an expensive atypical mongrel believing it's a pure dog and keep screaming that the dog is pure/typical when it's clearly not.

And then you're blaming someone who happen to have a dwarf dog and DIDN'T HIDE IT as bad breeder because he had an dwarf.

Gosh... how could it make so much of sense!

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