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Originally Posted by ArImInIuM View Post
Yet there are things so much more important than focusing on a few dogs as Demoniak, one gets the impression that you could make shade? ...... these are just some dogs, but you read (4900 views on this post tonight) and 12 speakers, you little .... you pick on one dog.
this post is that I find stupid, as many things to say nothing ....
are proud of our dogs no matter the breeder, no matter the lineage, and try instead to focus on other things, just try to think about what will be the future of this breed, it is not continuing these little battles that we win the war ...

thinking and action ....
The breed is fading thanks to breeder like we can see in France, who have no idea about standard, nor even to know how should a typical dog look like.
The breed is fading thanks to people who cheat, who make mixes and sell with fake papers as pure dogs polluting our small and fragile gene pool.
The breed is fading because people have no idea about what is breeding, and end up paying more attention to what a judge - who have no idea about what is a CzW- said about a stud in question, while at the same time several lines are disappearing because of dogs getting old.
The thing CzW breed more have right now is problems.

The problem of the breed also ends up concentrating in people like you, who support these mixes and even buy them, because it's nice, and instead of treat them and respect them as the mongrel they are, you keep telling it's a CzW, a thing that nor even you believes.
While we have people who support and buy mongrels as CzW also as helps the breeder in hide the problem he is making, we will have people breeding them, simply like that.

Then, thanks to people like you the breed is in such condition.
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