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Originally Posted by hanninadina View Post

And yes Smokey, these Robin and Willem are the same guys and it seems that you posted their old website. I do not believe that they will mix the americans with the europaens. By the way, they do own only Raven. A Polar does not exist. It is Knuth from Jos de Bruin. If you look right on the website, you will notice that, where you can see "Polar" and Knuth, Photoshop does his work, lol.

Oke Christian
Yes they are the same guys.
They mix the Saarloos Shadow with a Czech wolfdog.

I don't know what the pups are called than?
Pups are mixes than.
But I understand the pups are more expensief than a pup with a pedigree?
Groetjes Wilma
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