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Originally Posted by Smokey View Post
But I understand the pups are more expensief than a pup with a pedigree?
The prices for wolfdogs are around 2500 Euros and a lot of people simply want a big wolfish looking dog, as exotic as possible. That it is possible to visit the peripher areas of a market with a dog lying under some shelter or to find a family member on an emty area seems to be enough to dream the dream of a pet-wolf.
According to the amount of money that can easily be earned without any kennel or health controles advertising is allready starting. Deposits for the Dutch kennel can be made and Sioux Tala is planning two litters this year and the so called "calm Sport Dog" has mated three females - I doubt for free.
This is a very special world with a lot of money and illegal actions involved those of us who are interested in DOGS will not understand.

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