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Originally Posted by Silvester View Post
Indeed "Rona" that´s very right too !

Originally posted by "Erwan Grey":
" give away the dog (as a )gift for a friend who is which shows the photos, I also had to travel and I could not keep it in condition.

What please ??

Why not thinking about this BEFORE taking a dog ???

This shows already all about "Erwan Grey" ...beside his other lies !

Mr. Sylvester,

I inform you that in my country the Insults, slander, damage to reputation and slander are punishable by law, and there is an international law that ensures the transmission of such actions in countries of the European community.

I urge both you as the author of some adjectives not correct and the administration of this forum to take care of the forms.

Thank you.

I will not say nothing more about this subject, but the next legal failure is made in this forum about my people will require action by the law as I have done in another forum Spanish.

Has caused me much pain as this.
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