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Originally Posted by TimoleonVieta View Post
I am new to the forum I wonder if you can help me with a couple of questions.

I will be soon getting a CSV girl, my first one. I have recently learned that good insurance is vital after incurring vet bills of well in excess of £10,000 in a two month period.

Please please I have asked some British breeders by email & had no reply. I have called a couple too, "details come in the puppy pack when we sell a puppy". Great really great! thats so damned helpful.. do you think I should by a puppy from you then so I can get the name of an insurance company in the sodding puppy pack? erm.. no thanks.

So please can someone, breeder, owner or other, who knows if & where to obtain insurance for a CSV in the UK, leave the companies name here for myself & other new owners benefits.

A note for certain breeder, if you read this. People without information like this could end up having to put a puppy/dog down if they cannot afford med treatments without insurance. Season of goodwill & all that, you attitude is a disgrace!

Anyway Hi folks, sorry just had to get it off my chest..
hi and welcome

hmmmm....i agree fully with what maddie has posted.

may i ask you where you are getting your 'pure' csv from?
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